Abresham Tablet New Shama (120tab)

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Unani, herbal formulation for improved blood circulation, also helps to provide relief from anxiety, tension.
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About New Shama Abresham Tablet:

New Shama Abresham Tablet is an unique and classical medicine known as Abresham Tablet, which is very useful in curing cardiovascular disorders, palpitation, anemia and general weakness. These tablets are prepared by considering the taste of people, who does not like excessive sweetness of Khamira. It is advisable to not to be taken by diabetic patients. Tablet which is very useful in curing cardiovascular disorders palpitation anemia and general weakness. This is also beneficial in hyper cholestrolaemia, mild hypertension, excessive cholesterol in the blood. 

Indications of New Shama Abresham Tablet:

Cardiac weakness

Hyper cholestrolaemia

Mild hypertension

General Weakness

Excessive cholesterol in the blood

Ingredients of New Shama Abresham Tablet: 

Abresham (Bombyx mori)

Birhami (Centella aslatica)

Balchar (Nardostachys Jatamansi)

Tezpat (Cinnamomum Lamala)

Dana Liachi Khurd (Elettaria cardamomum sds)

Yashab Sabz Malool (Jasper Green Microfined)

Marwarid Mahlool (Pearl Microfined)

Kushta Nuqra (Silver calcined)

Zafran (Croucs sativus)

Amber (Ambra grasea)

Kushta Tila (Gold Calcined)

Dosage of New Shama Aberesham Tablet: One tablet in the morning & evening with fresh water


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