Ainergyle Shama

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Product Description:
Ainergyle is an extremely useful herbal health tonic prepared out of selected herbs. Its use makes the body active, corrects digestive disorders and increases appetite. By supplementing nutritional deficiencies keeps up the working energy level normal. For persons engaged in physical and mental work, it is an excellent preparation. Its regular use, increases body resistance to infections and also removes weakness caused by long time illness. If the body weight is less than average it brings about the weight to normal.
Corrects liver and digestive malfunctions and helps generate pure blood. It is highly beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers. It provides necessary at the time of body growth.
Removes general body weakness and incites inclination to work. Ainergyle is recommended for use not only to weak and feeble persons but also to persons of sound health to keep up their energy level and morale maintained. In all seasons, round the year, Ainergyle can be used without any harmful effect.

Ainergyle provides nutritional support drawn from natural sources. It improves appetite, digestion and assimilation, restores health, builds a strong body, maximizes dietary nutrition, raises body resistance and hastens convalescence and recovery from debiliting illness. It is a general tonic for all chronically wasting diseases, anaemia, general debility and exhaustion with lack of vitality. It also accelerates post-operative recovery, improves muscular tone, tones up the heart and accelerates circulation of blood. As Ainergyle is non-hormonal, it is a completely safe even for long term use. It is a comprehensive tonic for every member of the family for daily consumption.


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