Alhayateen Sadar Dawakhana (500ml)

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Good for Hepatitis, Gastritis & Swelling of body organs..
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About Sadar Dawakhana Alhayateen:

Sadar Dawakhana Alhayateen is an Unani herbal composition which provides relief from pain in the abdomen and resolves inflammation in different parts of body. It is very beneficial for hepatic weakness and hepatomegaly. It enhances the process of metabolism, increases the blood formation and hence removes paleness from face. It is also very effective in gastric weakness, spleenomegaly and in condition of accumulation of fluid in any part of body. Alhayateen syrup is an Unani compound drug formulation which is very helpful in inflammation of the liver like Gastritis, Edema and Swelling of Body Organs. It gives strength to respiratory system.

Indications of Sadar Dawakhana Alhayateen:

Helpful in curing hepatitis, 

Gastritis and swelling of body organs.

Useful in bile

Helpful in Tiredness

Controls sick feeling

Stops diarrhea.

Stops an ache over liver

Alhayateen syrup also useful in cough

Controls sneezing

Useful for nasal congestion

Ingredients of Sadar Dawakhana Alhayateen:


Bekh Badiyan 

Bekh Kasni

Tukhm Kasni 

Tukhm Khayarain 





Rewand Chini 

Izkhar Makki 

Mako Khushak 


Afsanteen Romi


Hiri Kasees 



Dosage of Sadar Dawakhana Alhayateen: To be given 10 to 25 ml twice in a day with water.


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