Amber Pyleena Marham Dehlvi (30g)

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Effective for bleeding haemorrhoids, fissures, internal & external piles, pain.
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About Dehlvi Pyleena Marham:

Haemorrhoids (often known as Piles) are enlarged and engorged blood vessels in or around the back passage (anus). They can be internal, occurring inside the anus, or external, when they can be seen and felt on the outside of the anus. These may be associated with pain, bleeding, itching and feeling as if a lump or bump is hanging down. Haemorrhoids are very common. More than 75% of people have problems with haemorrhoids at some time in their lives. They are said to be more common in countries where the diet has traditionally been more processed and low in fiber. The main contributory causes are those things that cause us to raise the pressure in the abdomen. This causes the blood vessels to swell and become engorged. Pyleena Capsules are effective in the treatment for bleeding haemorrhoids, fissures, internal and external piles. They relieve pain and itching in both types of piles and promote swift and clean repair of the damaged tissues. 

Indications of Dehlvi Pyleena Marham:


Ingredients of Dehlvi Pyleena Marham:

Santalum album Extract (Safed Chandan) 50 mg.

Berberis aristata (Rassaut) 50 mg.

Nyctanthes arbor-tristis Extract (Harsinghar) 50 mg.

Nyphae lotus Extract   (Nilofar) 50 mg.

Bombax malabaricum Extract (Mochras) 75 mg,

Symplocos racemosa Bark (Lodh Pathani) 75 mg,

Mimosa pudica Extract (Lajjalu) 75 mg,

Melia azadirachta Fruit Extract (Neem) 75 mg

Dosage of Dehlvi Pyleena Marham: Apply after wash the affected area.


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