Arq Rahat Khas New Shama (100ml)

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Kills gonococcal germs present in urinary tract and removes its inflammation.
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About Arq Rahat Khas
Arq Rahat Khas is a herbal medicine.A micro bacteria causes the disease of Gonorrhea. It affects the healthy women having sexual intercourse with the effected man. In Gonorrhea pus discharges from urethra. During maturation  patient feels burning sensation. If this disease is not treated the urethra is caught by incurable defects and other sign and symptom 

Indications of Arq Rahat Khas
Burning maturation
Urethral ulceration
Useful in Gonorrhea
Ingredients of Arq Raht Khas
Gond Kekargum        
Acacia Arabicagum      
Arq Gaozuban Leaf       
Gond Kekar gum   
Roghan Sandaln oil      
Santalum album oil 
Dosage of Arq Rahat Khas
To be taken 20 ml three times in a day with water.


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