Asraufin Hamdard (50tab)

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Herbal formulation for the proper functioning of vital organs of the body.
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About Hamdard Asraufin:
Hamdard Asraufin is a highly effective medicine for high blood pressure. It also helps in relieving mental and nervous tension, violent mania, hysteria, epilepsy, severe persistent head-ache, and sleeplessness.
Indications/Benefits of Hamdard Asraufin:
Beneficial for High Blood Pressure.
Relieves mental & nervous tension.
Beneficial for severe, persistent head-ache, and sleeplessness.
Ingredients of Hamdard Asraufin:
Each tablet (230mg) contains 4 mg of the total alkaloids of Asraul (Rauwofia serpentina Benth.) which is chemically standardized.
Dosage of Hamdard Asraufin: To be give 1 or 2 tabs twice in a day or as directed by the physician.


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