Aujai Capsules Hamdard (60caps)

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Addresses the issue of joint pain, stiffness and swelling of muscular joints.
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About Hamdard Aujai Capsules:
Hamdard Aujai Capsules is an Unani preparation and is very useful in joint inflammatory conditions. Aujai contains these important pharmacological activities like pain relieving and maintaining normal body temperature. Hamdard Aujai Capsules is beneficial in such conditions like muscular pain, boosts immunity, improves digestion. It is good for ailments like blood sugar abnormality, stress and anxiety and fights allergic cold and cough problems.
Indications and Effectiveness of Hamdard Aujai Capsules:
Relieves Muscular pain
Boosts Immunity
Treats Chronic Fever
Improves Digestion 
Treats Diabetes
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Fights Respiratory Problems
Reduces Asthmatic Symptoms
Ingredients of Hamdard Aujai Capsules:
Suranjan Talkh/ Colchicum luteum; used in gout and in swelling.
Asgand Nagauri/ Withania Somnifera; 
Gandhak; used in different kind of infections.
Shora Qalmi/ Chinese snow/ saltpeter; used in kidney calculi, indigestion, 
Safoof Seer/ Allium Sativum/ garlic; used in hardening of arteries, for increased pressure
Kushta Gaundanti; used in increased body temperature, headache.
Haldi/ turmeric; used in infection and for healing.
Dosage of Hamdard Aujai Capsules: 1 capsule to be taken thrice a day.


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