Banadiq-Ul-Buzoor Hamdard (30tab)

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It is useful in controlling Polyuria, polydipsia and help in controlling blood glucose level
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About Hamdard Banadiq-Ul-Buzoor:    

This Unani compound formulation of oil is a millennium old and used for medicinal purposes. It is also index in “THE UNANI PHARMACOPOEIA OF INDIA” published by M/O AYUSH, INDIA.    

Benefits/Uses of Hamdard Banadiq-Ul-Buzoor:

It is very much useful to control Polyuria.

It is useful in Polydipsia.

It is helpful in controlling blood glucose level.

It is useful in long term effects of high blood glucose level.

Ingredients of Hamdard Banadiq-Ul-Buzoor:


Tutiya-e-Sabz Biryan.

Dosage of Hamdard Banadiq-Ul-Buzoor: Take one tablet once a day with lukewarm water after food or as directed by your physician.


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