Braini Dehlvi (300g)

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Useful for mental debility, strengthens brain and improves memory.
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About Braini:
As the brain becomes starved for adequate nutrients and oxygen, malfunctions such as memory loss, personality changes and lack of concentration are predictable. Additionally, modern lifestyle itself can leave a person feeling mentally dull and fatigued. Braini has been created especially for those people whose day-to-day activities demand high mental energy. Such persons as advocates, students, accountants, engineers and the scientists who, after long hours of brain activity feel a sensation of heaviness or vacant-mindedness, which are sure signs of mental fatigue. Also, is equally good for the people whose job requires a lot of muscular energy like sportsmen, manual workers, housewives, etc. It replenishes the lost energy and relieves mental tension. By providing strength it creates desire for more work and increases efficiency. It is a blend of the choicest herbs like BRAHMI (which has a proven track record of efficiency in improving brain faculties.). It provides natural vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and trace elements. 
Indications of Braini:
Mental fatigue after long hours of study or other sorts of mental activity, a sense of vacant-mindedness, forgetfulness, disinclination to work, senile dementia, depression, dullness, inactivity and sluggishness, lack of urge to take initiative and drive, general debility, loss of appetite due to sluggish body processes, muscular strain or weakness and anxiety and stress during examinations. 
Ingredients of Braini:
Centella asiatica Extract (Brahmi) 4 gm
Evolvulus alsinoides Extract (Shankapushpi) 4 gm
Alpinia galanga Extract (Khulanjan) 4 gm
Emblica officinalis (Amla) 5 gm
Phoenix dactylifera (Khajur) 5 gm
Zingiber officinale Juice (Sonth) 6 gm
Juglans regia (Akhrot) 2 gm
Prunus amygdalus (Badam) 2 gm
Pandanus odoratissimum Distillate (Arq Kewda) 0.2 ml
Silver Leaves (WarqChandi) 10 mg
Sugar q.s. 
Dosage of Braini: 20 g to be given in the morning with breakfast. 
Precautions of Braini:
Keep away from children's reach.
Do not over dose the medicine.
Self medication is not recommended. 
Store in dry and cool place.
Close medicine cap tightly after every use.
Keep medicine in original package and container.


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