Dawa-E-Malish Hamdard (25ml)

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Can be useful for men's muscle weakness, and aids in improving male sexual desire as well.
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About Hamdard Dawa E Malish:

Dawa E Malish is an Unani compound drug combination and it is an oil formulation. It can be used for male sexual disorder and may improve retentiveness during coitus. It may also help to ease the flexibility of male organ nerves and helps in erection.

In 1906, in undivided India's capital, Delhi, a devoted, determined, yet unworldly man, Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed, laid the foundation of Hamdard Dawakhana. What started as a small Unani clinic in one of the by lanes of historic old Delhi, Hamdard has become synonymous with integrity and high quality in the field of relatively inexpensive Unani medicines. 

Ingredients of Hamdard Dawa E Malish:

The prime ingredients used in the formulation of Dawa E Malish are:

Roghan Arandi: Roghan Arandi is also known as castor oil that is a widely used element in beauty treatment since it includes plenty of skin, hair, and health benefits. It also includes anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Castor beans are also called Tukhum-e-Arandi. It is mostly grown in tropical areas. 

Roghan Zift:

Roghan Malkangani: Malkangani, also known as “Staff tree” or ‘Tree of Life’, is a large woody climbing shrub. Its oil is beneficial for hair and is used as a hair tonic. The application of Malkangani on the scalp makes hair healthy and helps reduce dandruff due to its antifungal property. 

Benefits of Hamdard Dawa E Malish:

Some of the benefits given by Hamdard Dawa E Malish are:

May improve male sexual desire

May improve penile tissue blood and nerve supply

May be beneficial in male organ deformities

How to use Hamdard Dawa E Malish:

To yield the best and effective results of Hamdard Dawa E Malish:

3 ml of Dawa-E-Malish is to be lightly rubbed on the root of the male organ and contiguous loin for 10–12 minutes at night before going to bed.

To be applied before Dawa E Takore.


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