Daya Qooza New Shama (125g)

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Useful in chronic dry cough, dryness of throat & inflammation of lungs.
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About New Shama Daya Qooza:
New Shama Daya Qooza is an Unani herbal medicine. It is very beneficial in respiratory problems. Daya Qooza is very useful in Chronic Dry Cough and it is also beneficial for throat and lungs. Daya Qooza eliminates the Dryness of Throat and Lungs. No any side effect of Daya Qooza because its totally herbal product.
Indications of New Shama Daya Qooza:
Chronic Cough
Dry cough
Dosage of New Shama Daya Qooza: To be taken 10 to 20 grams with lukewarm water.


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