Degass Tablet New Shama (60tab)

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Beneficial in stomach irritation & inflammation of liver.
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About New Shama Degass Tablet:
Degass Tablet by New Shama are prepared with the herbal medicines. Degass Tablet is very effective in improving digestion, speeding up digestive system and expelling trapped gases through its carminative action, thus providing relief from gaseous distension and other abdominal complaints.
Indications of New Shama Degass Tablet:
 Useful in abdominal heaviness, acidity, gas formation & flatulence
Ingredients of New Shama Degass Tablet:
Zanjabeel Khushk
Zingiber Officinale
BadiyanFoeniculum Vulgare
Zeera Safaid
Cuminum Cyminum
Soda Khurdani
Soda Bicarb
Dosage of New Shama Degass Tablet: To be taken 2 tablets twice a day with lukewarm water after meal.


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