Dimagheen D.t.c. (400g)

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Dimagheen is Good for Mental Fatigue. Improves Memory & Concentration.
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About Dawakhana Tibbiya Dimagheen Brain Tonic:

Dawakhana Tibbia Dimagheen is a very effective brain tonic which is highly recommended for the working class people as well as students. It improves the memory. Helps with tiredness and laziness after mental or physical work.

Indications of Tibbiya Dimagheen:

Tibbiya brain tonic improves the memory. 

Helps with tiredness and laziness.

A medicinal and nutritional fruit "amla” the richest source of vitamin c is the main ingredient of Dimagheen. Amla also has calcium and iron contents.

Dimagheen Brain Tonic improves concentration and relieves exhaustion.

Dimagheen Brain Tonic removes foul breathing and improves digestion.

Dimagheen Brain Tonic is delicious, refreshing with full of energy and vitamins.

Ingredients of Tibbiya Dimagheen Brain Tonic:

Amla/ Emblic myrobalan/ Indian gooseberry/ Malacca tree: Nourishes the brain and mental functioning, and supports the heart. 

Sankhaholi/ Evolvulus alsinoides Linn/ Morning glory: It has been used to improve brain power, memory and for psychiatric disorders. 

Jal Brahmi/ Bacopa monnieri/ Farfakh: It is mainly used as brain and mental tonic for  memory  loss, insanity, insomnia and other mental illness. 

Jadwar Shirin/ Delphinium Denudatum

Ood Salib: Acts as anxiolytic, anti-convulsant and nervine tonic.  

Mastagi/ Mastic/ Alkakhm: Useful against asthma, burn, cuts.

Arq Gulab/ Rosa damascena: Refreshes mind

Arq keora/ Pandanus odoratissimu: improves memory power

Maghze Badam: Improves memory power

Khajoor: Increases blood circulation

Sugar/ Qand Safed: For taste

Red Colour: Colouring agent.

Dosage of Tibbiya Dimagheen Brain Tonic: Two teaspoonful with breakfast, or use under medical supervision.


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