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Good for abdominal distension, constipation, gas, kidney calculi, loss of appetite.
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About Galenus Pills
The famous Unani medicine, conceived by none other than the Greek Physician Claudius Galenus, often anglicized as Galen (known as Hakim Jalinus is Arabic), Jawarish Jalinus is presented in a convenient pill form. With all the goodness of Jawarish Jalinus, Dehlvi Galenus Pills meet the demands of this mordernized age. Two Pills are equal to one dose of 5 gm Jawarish Jalinus. We have just taken away Sugar. Strengthens the stomach, intestines, kidney, liver and bladder. Regulates gastric functions, increases appetite and helps in digestion and assimilation. It is useful in the treatment of acidity in stomach, burning sensation in the chest, bad breath and pain in the intestines. Also useful in phlegmatic cough and piles and stops excessive urination. Stops the repeated formation of stone in the kidney and urinary bladder. Regular use prevents premature graying of hair. 

Indications of Galenus Pills:
 Abdominal distention, Anorexia, Burning Sensation on the Chest, Constipation, Flatulence, Halitosis, Hyperacidity, Heaviness after Meals, Kidney Stone, Liver Dysfunction, Phlegmatic Cough, Piles and Polyurea. 

Ingredients of Galenus Pills
 Crocus sativus Stg. Pdr (Zafran) 27 mgNardostachys jatamansi Rz. Pdr (Balcharr) 27 mgElettaria cardamomum Sd. Pdr (Choti Elaichi) 27 mgCinnamomum cassia Rt. Pdr (Taj) 27 mgCinnamomum zeylanicum Bk. Pdr (Dalchini) 27 mgAlpinia galanga Rt. Pdr (Khulanjan) 27 mgMyrtus caryophyllus Fr. Pdr (Laung) 27 mgCyperus rotundus Wl. Pl. Pdr (Nagarmotha) 27 mgZingiber officinale Rt. Pdr (Sonth) 27 mgPiper longum Fr. Pdr (Pipal) 27 mgPiper nigrum Fr. Pdr (Kali Mirch) 27 mgSaussurea lappa Rt. Pdr (Kut Meetha) 27 mgCommiphora opobalsamum Rsn. Pdr (Use Balsan) 27 mgValeriana wallichii Rz. Pdr (Tagar) 27 mgMyrtus communis Fr. Pdr (Habbul Aas) 27 mg Swertia chirataWl. Pl. Pdr (Chiraita Meetha) 27 mgPistacia lentiscus Rsn. Pdr (Mastagi) 67 mgSodium Benzoate 1 mg 

Dosage of Galenus Pills:
 2 pills with water in the morning on after both meals 

Precautions of Galenus Pills:
Eat all food as raw as possible. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are great for detoxifying the body, they are high in natural enzymes and nutrients. Try carrot, beetroot and celery. Food should be chewed properly. 



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