Habbe Asgand Hamdard (50tab)

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Reduces pain, swelling, stiffness of multiple joints. Relieves gout & sciatica.
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About Habbe Asgand:
This is a Unani preparation.This is very good Unani preparation for joints pain and also regularize uric acid in body. Habbe asgand gives strength to nerves and brain. Habbe asgand used in neuralgia and sciatica 
Indication of Habbe Asgand:
Hamdard Habb-e­-Asgand is useful in Gout and Lumbago. 
Also helpful in joint pains, 
backache and  sciatica 
Ingredient of Habbe Asgand:
Chlorophytum arundinaceum (Musli Safed) :  Safed musli is a rare herb from India. It is used in traditional systems of medicine including Ayurveda and Unani. It is used for arthritis, cancer, diabetes, boosting vitality, improving and sexual performance.
Piper longum (Berries) (Pipal Kalan) :  Pipal Kaln is used to improve appetite and digestion, as well as treat stomachache, retrosternal burning, indigestion , intestinal gas, diarrhea , and cholera.
Ptychotis ajowan (Ajwain Desi) : It is used for increase appetite,kidney stone,common cold and cough, bronchial asthma, Hyper acidity and flatulence. 
Piper longum (Root) (Pipla Mool)
Asparagus racemosus (Satawar)
Pueraria tuberosa (Bidhari Qand)
Zingiber officinale (Sonth)
Withania somnifera (Asgand Nagauri)
Mel (Shahed)
Dosage of Habbe Asgand: To be taken 1-2 tables twice a day with lukewarm water.


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