Habbe Sara New Shama (20Pills)

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Good for convulsions both in elders and infants.
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About New Shama Habbe Sara
New Shama Habbe Sara is an Unani medicine which is useful in convulsion in adult and children as well. It gives the strength to brain and nervous system. It is beneficial in fits and decreases the episodes of fits gradually. 
Indications of New Shama Habbe Sara
 Epilepsy and infantile epilepsy. 
Ingredients of New Shama Habbe Sara
Castoreum (Jund) :   Castoreum ( Jund ) is a substance collected from the glands of Canadian, European, and Siberian beavers.Jund is used for absence of menstrual periods, painful menses, hysteria, restless sleep, and as a calming and restorative agent.
Aloe vera (Dried Latex) (Aelwah Zard) :  Aloe vera is the oldest medicinal plant ever known and the most applied medicinal plant worldwide. Extracts of Aloe vera is a proven skin healer. Aloe vera help to soothe skin injuries affected by burning, skin irritations, cuts and insect bites, and its bactericidal properties relieve itching and skin swellings. 
Boswellia serrata (Kundur) : It is beneficial in arthritis, Some research has shown that Boswellia is able to strengthen the immune system etc.
Dosage of New Shama Habbe Sara
1 or 2 pills Habbe Sara in the morning and evening with 5 gram Khamira Gaozaban Ambari Jadwar Ude Saleebwala. 
For infants 1/2 to 1 pill to be ground in mothers milk and given. 


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