Halwa Salab Hamdard (250g)

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Restores energy and improves vitality, physical strength and stamina in men.
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About Hamdard Halwa Salab
Hamdard Halwa Salab is an Unani formulation and its chief ingredient is Salab. This is good for sexual debility and general weakness. This is used to increase semen quantity and quality. It is usually taken in the winter season.

Indications of Hamdard Halwa Salab
Good in Sexual debility
Increase sperm count
Improve General weakness
Imrove Quality of Semen
Ingredients of Hamdard Halwa Salab
Illaichi Khurd :  Scientific name of Illiachi is Elettaria cardamomum (Maton) (Zingiberaceae. Cardamon is often given the epithet ‘queen of spices’ as it is used to flavor food in many countries. In addition, the herb has several health benefits. The German Commission E has indicated the use of Cardamom in dyspepsia and as a cholagogue, which promotes bile discharge from the system. The herb is also helpful in treating gum and teeth infections, throat congestion and kidney disorders.Its key therapeutic uses Cardamom is used in treating digestive disorders, relieving heartburn and bloating.Apart from preventing tooth and gum infections, the herb is used to eliminate bad breath.Cardamom is a diuretic and flushes out accumulated toxins from the body.Its warming property relieves cough and headache resulting from cold weather.
Behman Surkh :  Behman Surkh is also known by the names Garden Sage, Red Sage, and Dalmation Sage. Recent scientific research has confirmed the validity of Sage’s traditional usage for heart and circulatory problems. The scientific name of ‘Salvia’, derives from the Latin for ‘to heal’, which underscores the herbs early reputation as a cure-all. It is a tonic, stimulant, antidepressant, adaptogenic, anticholesterolemic, astringent, carminative, digestive, oestrogenic, nerve tonic and an aphrodisiac and largely prescribed in seminal debility, anaemia, etc. It is also used to treat asthma. Also useful in menstrual disorders, erectile dysfunction, habitual miscarriages, cystitis, chronic liver and kidney diseases, and for checking the secretion of mammary glands. It is valuable in stress-related conditions and has an antihypertensive effect. It strengthens the nervous system and aids convalescence 
Salab Misri : Orchis latifolia Linn. is commonly known as Panja, Salam-Panja, Salep, Hath-Panja or Hatajari. It got all these local names due to its hand like roots. The appearance of its root is like a palm with fingers. Salam-panja is found in Himalaya at altitudes in damp places. It is an orchid plant and bears purple flowers. It has fleshy tuberous roots. These roots are used for medicinal purpose.Salep Orchid is beneficial in treating male sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and impotence.It is a nervine tonic that treats stress and mental disorders.
Shaqaqul Misri
Maghz Badam Shirin
Maghz Pista
Maghz Chironji
Maghz Akhrot
Maghz Tukhm Kharbooza
Maghz Narjeel
Arad Baqla
Shakar Safaid
Arad Nakhud
Arq Kewra
Sat-e-Loban Hubatul Khizra
Dosage of Hamdard Halwa Salab
To be Taken 25 grams in the morning along with 250 ml of milk.


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