Hayat-E Mard Royal (200ml)

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Complete health for men, made with Salajit for wonderfull life.
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Hayat e Mard is a Unani and ayurvedic medicine meant to treat impotency and Erectile dysfunstion.

Hayat e Mard literally means LIFE OF A MEN,and what a man needs today is Ultimate Strength and power for Sex.
And Exactly this Need is fulfill by this Sharbat, the powerful Sex tonicHAYAT E MARD.

Helps to increase excitement to it’s ultimate levels.
Made of Valuable,Natural and Tremendous Herbal preparation to Fight Sexual Weakness
It treats low sperm count, erectile dysfunction (ED), hydro aspermia and oligospermia
Hayate Mard improves  Vigor & Vitality
It helps to Increase sperm count
Makes the male organ harder and erect longer
Increase Erection tim
Increases the Retention time and increases Intercourse time
It also helps with semen motility in case of Spermatorrhea
Increases the quality of semen that will hatch in the female eggs
Increases Glow on face
It has got delicious taste and a convenient dose.
Extremely safe & Harmless UNANI medicine.

Dosage: 2 teaspoon twice a day mix with or without milk.


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