Hayat Plus Sugar Free New Shama (500ml)

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About Hayat Plus

The Hayat Plus is a herbal drug combination.Due to bad dietary habit and sedentary life style, vital organs of the body reduces their function and become enlarged or small. Liver is the largest organ of the body, it become enlarged easily. New Shama Lab. Prepare a formula to subside the infection of internal organs.

Indications of Hayat Plus

·        Beneficial in swelling related to liver, stomach,intestines and uterus.

·        Reduse fat and improve gastric disorders.It also normalizes their functioning.Helps Cure inflammation of internal organ. 

Ingredients of Hayat Plus

·        Tukhme Kasoos Cuscuta reflexaSds

·        Tukhme Kasni Cichorium intybusSds.

·        Makoh Khushk Solanum nigrumFrt.nthumLeaves

·        Makoh KhushkSolanum nigrumFrt.

·        Badiyan Foeniculum vulgareSds.

·        Bekh Badiyan Foeniculum vulgareRt.

·        Bekh Kasni Cichorium intybusRt.

·        Anisoon Pipinella anisumLeaves

·        Tukhme Khayaren Cucumis sativusSds.

·        Tukhme Karafs Apium graveolensSds.

·        Rewand Chini Rheum emodiRt.

·        Gule Nilofar Nelumbo nuciferaFlr.

·        Tukhm Halyun Asparagus officinalisSds.

·        Gule Surkh Rosa damasceneFlr

·        Naushadar Sal Ammoniac

·        Aabe Khalis Purified Waterq.s

·        Sodium Benzoate Preservative 

Dosage of Hayat Plus

To be taken  10 to 20 ml twice a day with water. 



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