Itrifal Sanai New Shama (125g)

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Provides relief against constipation, dizziness, headache and migraine.
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About New Shama Itrifal Sanai:

New Shama Itrifal Sanai is an Unani preparation used for relieving constipation. It also provides relief against dizziness, long lasting headache, migraine etc.

Indications and Effectiveness of New Shama Itrifal Sanai:

Itrifal Sanai is useful in chronic headache, migraine and vertigo. 

Itrifal Sanai also helps to remove constipation,and is useful for sore eyes, stops bleeding of nose and ears.

Itrifal Sanai acts as expectorant of cough and re-solvent of splenic swelling.

Ingredients of New Shama Itrifal Sanai:

Post Halela Zard

Post Halela Siyah

Post Balela / Bahera



Rogan Badam

Shakar safaid / Sugar

Dosage of New Shama Itrifal Sanai: 5-10 grams to be taken before bedtime with 250 ml of milk or water.


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