Jamun Powder Hamdard (60g)

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Natural supplement Powerful antioxident which Supports healthy liver functions.
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About Hamdard Jamun Powder:

The fruit is acrid, sweet, cooling and astringent to the bowels and removes bad smell from mouth, biliousness, stomachic, astringent, diuretic and antidiabetic. It is widely distributed throughout India and Indian folk medicine mentions its use for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. Various traditional practitioners in India use different parts of the plant in the treatment of diabetes, blisters in mouth, cancer, colic, diarrhoea, digestive complaints, dysentery, piles, pimples and stomach ache.  

Ingredients of Hamdard Jamun Powder:

Jamun (Syzygium cumin), Seed powder (Pure) 

Uses/Benefits of Hamdard Jamun Powder:

Natural supplement

Powerful antioxident

Supports healthy liver functions

Promotes healthy pancreatic functions

Regulates body metabolism Maintains blood glucose level 

Possible Side-Effects of Hamdard Jamun Powder:

No side effects as such have been reported but in case you notice any, discontinue the use immediately and consult your physician   

How to Use/Dosage of Hamdard Jamun Powder:

Take 3-5 g with water twice a day or as prescribed by the physician.


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