Jauhar Khusia Dehlvi (10g)

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Useful in impotency, spermatogenesis and increase semen quantity
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About Jauhar Khusia Powder

Jauhar Khusiaya Powder is a Unani prepration which is very effective for the production of testosterone male hormone naturally.It increases sperm count,motility and also improve semen quality.It works in erectile dysfunction,premature ejaculation and helpful to retain good erection.This is animal origin medicine.

Indication of Jauhar Khusia Powder

Male hormon

Increase sperm count

Improve quality and quantity of semen

Helpful in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Ingredient of Jauhar Khusia Powder

Khusia Buz ( Male Goat's Testis )

Dosage of Jauhar Khusia Powder

To be taken 1 gram with 250 ml milk once in a day.

For better result, it may be given with Laboob Kalonji followed by milk.


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