Jawarish Pudina Wilayti Hamdard (125g)

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Natural, Unani medication for the proper functioning of the digestive system.
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About Hamdard Jawarish Pudina Wilayti:
Hamdard Jawarish Pudina Wilayti is a compound Unani drug comes in semisolid form.The name Jawarish Pudina Wilayti due to its chief ingredient "Pudina". This is very beneficial in gastric disorders and over heat of human body. This is used for liver disorders and nausea caused due to the liver and biliary problems. Jawarish is a type of Majun. Its taste is some how better than Majun. It is a semisolid preparation. Word Jawarish is Arabic word made from Gawarish, means digestive. Its consistency is more liquid than Majun. Jawarish is specifically prepared for the digestive system. It acts slowly because its powder is coarser than Majun.
Indications of Hamdard Jawarish Pudina Wilayti:
Improves the functions of stomach and liver, 
stops the nausea, hiccups and vomiting. 
Ingredients of Hamdard Jawarish Pudina Wilayti:
Pudina Khushk : Pudina is a calming and soothing herb that has been used for thousands of years to aid with upset stomach or indigestion. Pudina is thought to increase bile secretion and encourage bile flow, which helps to speed and ease digestion (and which may also support healthy cholesterol levels). It is also beneficial in allergies,breast feeding,common cold,skin and oral health.
Berg Sudab (Ruta Graveolens) :  In terms of medicine, Ruta graveolens has historically been used to treat inflammatory conditions, menstrual disorders, parasitic infections and fever. Today, rue is more commonly used in homeopathy to treat bruises, sprains, varicose veins and multiple joints pain.
Boora Armani
Zanjabeel, (Zingiber officinalis) : The Ginger/Zanjbeel comes from the roots of the plant. Ginger is native to warmer parts of Asia, such as China, Japan, and India, but now is grown in parts of South American and Africa. It is also now grown in the Middle East for medicinal use and for food.Ginger is commonly used for various types of "stomach problems," including motion sickness, morning sickness, colic, upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, nausea caused by cancer treatment, nausea caused by HIV/AIDS treatment, nausea and vomiting after surgery, as well as loss of appetite.It is beneficial in joints pain,joints stiffness,menstrual pain, and other conditions. However, there is not strong evidence to support the use of ginger for these conditions.
Zeera Safaid (Cuminum cyminum)  Cumin is an herb. The seeds of the plant are used to make medicine.It is beneficial in problems including diarrhea, colic, bowel spasms, and gas. Cumin is also used to increase urine flow to relieve bloating (as a diuretic),to start menstruation and to increase sexual desire.  
Zeera Siyah (Carum Carvi) : 
Filfill Siyah (Piper Nigrum)
Agar Hindi (Aquilaria agallocha)
Ilachi Khurd (Elettara Cardamomum)
Ilaichi Kalan (Ammomum Subulatum)
Taj Qalmi (Cinnamomum Cassia)
Jaifal (Myristica fragrance)
Qaranfal (Eugenia Caryophytus)
Anardana (Punica Granatum)
Tamar Hindi (Tamarindus indica)
Maweez Munaqqa (Vitis Vinifera)
Qand Safaid (Saccharum officinarum)
Sirka Desi
Sat Pudina ( other form of Pudina)
Sharbat Zanjabeel
Aab Leemun (Citurs aurantifolia) 
Dosage of Hamdard Jawarish Pudina Wilayti: 5 grams to be taken in the morning and evening with water.


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