Jirya Cure (200ml)

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About Jirya Cure

Jirya Cure prepared with various valuable & selected unique herbs.Spermatorrhoea is a tragic disorder that results in general debility, Inaptitude to work, disinclination for sexual intercourse and ultimately impotence. 

Indications of Jirya Cure

» Jirya Cure controls Spermatorrhoea, Premature ejaculation. » Relieves backache due to sexual debility. » Control the nocturnal emission of semen without intercourse, often while sleeping. » Increases density of semen. 

Ingredients of Jirya Cure

• Veteria indica • Chlorophytum arundin • Orchis Latifolia • Curculigo orchioides • Aeglemarnaioscorr (Ball fruit) • Trapa Bispinosa • Tribulus terrestris linn • Orchis Latifolia • Mimosa pudica • Butea frondosa linn • Asphaltum • Saimalia Malabarica schoott & ends • Acasia Arabica wild • Symplocus Raeemosus • Asparogus acemosas • Quercus infectoria 

Dosage of Jirya Cure

5-10 ml morning and evening should be taken after meals.



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