Kalonji Herbal Pimple Cream Mohammedia (60g)

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Beautifies face by removing dark circle, spots, wrinkle, helps face radiate, glow.
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About Kalonji Herbal Pimple Cream:
This is a Unani herbal drug formulation. It is used for facial problems such as pimple, black heads ,freckles and post acne or undesired marks on face.It is also improve complexion.
Indications of Kalonji Herbal Pimple Cream:
Black heads and White heads
Dark circles
Ingredients of Kalonji Herbal Pimple Cream:
Kalonji oil(Nigella sativa linn)12 mlOlive oil(olea europaea linn)12 mlPost-e-santhra(Citrus reticulate Blanco)6 gramsSandal(Pterocarpus santaline Linn)6 gramsOod(Aquilaria agallocha roxb)6 gramsTurmeric (Curcuma longa Linn)6 gramsWax(Bees wax yellow) 
Dosage of Kalonji Herbal Pimple Cream: To be applied on face two times in a day after cleaning the face or as directed by the Unani physician.


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