Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala New Shama (60g)

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Arshad Wala is Useful in Anxiety, Weak Memory & General Debility.
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About Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala:
Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala is an Unani medicine containing ingredients derived from plant, animal and mineral resources. It is a semi-solid preparation, which is particularly used for general debility. It gives strength to brain and heart.  It is prepared by adding a decoction of herbal drugs or powdered drugs to a base (Qiwam) made up of sugar or sugar with honey. Other than herbal ingredients, animal and mineral origin drugs are also mixed. After preparation of solution, it is so triturated that it become frothy and colour turns white due to mixing the air constituents in it.
Khafgan (Palpitations) rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat due to agitation, exertion, or illness.
Zauf-e-Aza-e-Raisa (Weakness of principal organs such as Heart, Brain, and Liver)
Malikhoolia (Melancholia) feeling of deep sadness
Naqahat (Asthenia) abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy.
Benefits of Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala:
 Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala  usually act as a cardio-tonic, and tonic for brain, liver, and stomach, and is also used for various other ailments like palpitations, weakness of heart, weakness of principal organs, cough, cold, catarrh, including respiratory and nervous disorders 
It is Muqavvi-e-Aam (General Tonic).
It is Muqavvi-e-Qalb (Cardaic Tonic).
It is used as Muqavvi Jiger (Liver tonic).
It is Muqavvi Aaza Raisa (Vital organ tonic).
It is a brilliant cardiotonic and removes restlessness, palpitation and tension.
It is also very useful in curing post disease weakness.
It is beneficial in Amraz Qalb (Cardiac Ailments), Khafqan (Palpitation), Malekholia (Melancholia) and Nazla (Catarrh).
 Ingredients of Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala:
 It contains ingredient Abresham/ Bombax mori cocoon and is invented by Hakim Arshad and hence named Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala.
Ood Gharql/ Aquilaria agallocha
Sumbul ut teeb/ Nardostachys jatamansi
Post Turanj/ Citrus medics
Mastagi/ Pistacia lentiscus
Qaranfal/ Syzygium aromaticum
Dana Ilaichi Khurd/ Elettaria cardamomum
Sazaj Hindi/ Cinnamomum tamala
Burada Sandal Safaid/ Santa
Aabresham/ Bombyx mori
Ambar/ Ambra grasea
Marwareed/ Mytilus margaritiferus
Yacpot/ Ruby
Yashab Sabz/ Green jasper
Kehruba Shamai/ Pins succinifera
Marjan/ Corallium rubrium
Mushk/ Moschus moschiferous
Zafran/ Crocus sativa
 Warq-e-Nuqra/ Silver
Warq-e-Tila/ Gold
Arq-e-Gaozaban/ Borago officinalis
Arq-e-Baidmushk/Sa/ix caprea
Arq-e-Gulab/ Rosa damascena
Arq-e-Keora/ Pandanus tectorius
Aab-e-Seb Sheerien/ Malus sylvestris
Aab-e-Anar Sheerien/ Punica granatum
Aab-e-Behl Sheerien/ Cydonia oblonga
Aab-e-Baran/ Rain Water
Nabat Safaid
Dosage of Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala:
Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala should be taken orally in dose of 3-5 grams.
It can be taken once or twice a day, depending on condition.
It may be given before breakfast and in evening.
It may be taken with Arq Gaozaban 125ml, or water.
Side-effects of Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala: Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala is safe without any known side-effect.


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