Khamira Marwareed New Shama (250g)

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Herbal formulation for the proper functioning of vital organs of the body.
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About New Shama Khamira Marwareed:
New Shama Khamira Marwareed  is an Unani Medicine and tonic beneficial in neurological and cardiac diseases. It strengthens the heart muscles, gives relief from palpitation, and increased heart rate. In neurological diseases, it is used for the treatment of anxiety, stress disorders, mental fatigue and headache characterized by nervine weakness and burning sensation. It is commonly used in all types of cases for reducing general debility, restlessness, convulsions, and irritability.
Indications of New Shama Khamira Marwareed: 
Cardiac weakness
For preventing heart attack
Heart Palpitation
Increased heart rate
Vertigo/ reeling sensation
General debility or weakness
Chicken Pox (for reducing symptoms and harmful effects on heart)
Measles (for reducing symptoms and harmful effects on heart)
Mental stress
Mental fatigue
Insomnia (due to increased heat in the body)
Hot flashes
Adrenal fatigue
 Ingredients of New Shama Khamira Marwareed:
Marwareed (Pearl)/ Mytilus margaritiferus
Kehruba – Vateria Indica
Tabasheer – Bambusa Arundinacea (Dried Exudates) 
Yashab Mehlool – Jade 
Jahar Mohra – Serpentine 
Chandan Safed – Santalum Album
Sharbat Anar (Aabe Anar Shirin) 
Sharbat Behi (Aabe Behi Shirin)
Sharbat Seb (Aabe Seb Shirin)
Warq Nuqra (Silver Foil) 
Sugar (Qand Safed)
Dosage of New Shama Khamira Marwareed:
Children 1 to 2 grams
Adults 3 to 5 grams
Doses: 1 or 2 Doses per day
Best Time to Take: On an empty stomach in the morning or before breakfast and in the evening or 2 to 3 hours before dinner.
Adjuvant: Arq Gaozaban (125 ml) is the best adjuvant.


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