Khoon Safa D.t.c. (380ml)

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Herbal syrup for clear, glowing and radiant skin.
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About Dawakhana Tibbiya Khoon Safa
Dawakhana Tibbiya Khoon Safa is an Unani herbal blood purifier, not only is a means for killing germs and eliminating impurities of the blood, but has been very effective for constipation and in seasonal increase of body temperature. It is free from any harmful ingredients. It is good for all skin diseases like pimples, acne, boils, eczema and itch. It is very effective in digestion and constipation, and improving appetite as well.

Khoon Safa purifies the blood from within by giving your liver and the rest of your body the support they need in controlling the toxins that usually cause acne and blemishes. There is neem which purifies the blood and keeps it free from almost every skin disease. Chiraita keeps the skin toxin free while senna keeps the stomach clear and tulsi which improves blood circulation and helps your skin shine. 

Indications of Dawakhana Tibbiya Khoon Safa
Acts as a blood purifier.
Helps to reduce bumps on skin.
Combats itching.
Prevents constipation.
Ingredients of Dawakhana Tibbiya Khoon Safa
Fumaria Parviflora/ Earth Smoke/ Shahtarah/ beggary; Maintains normal body temperature, anti-inflammatory, Astringent, Blood Purifier, Laxative, Sedative.
Santulum Album linn/ White Sandalwood/ Indian Sandalwood/ Safed Chandan;  antibacterial, antifungal and sedative properties.
Pterocarpus Santalinus/ red sanders/ red sandalwood/ and saunderswood/ Lal Chandan; Tree is valued for the rich red color of its wood and the wood is not aromatic.
Cassia Angustifolia/ Indian Senna/ Senai; It is used in combination with other warming herbs to protect the digestive problems. Effective in constipation, skin diseases, purifies blood.
Gentiana Kurroo/ Indian Gentian/ Karu; Effective in swellings and inflammation.
Tricholepis Angustifolia/ Camel’s Thistle/ Brahm Dandi, Untakatara; Useful in blood impurities like itch, boils, pimples and skin disorders. 
Dalbergia Sissoo/ North Indian Rosewood/ biradi/ sisau; Useful in skin diseases.
Azadirachta indica/ Margosa/ Nimba/ Neem; The Neem bark is cool, bitter, astringent, and useful in intestinal worms, heat-rash, boils, wounds, tiredness, cough, loss of appetite, worm infestation and excessive thirst.
Dosage of Dawakhana Tibbiya Khoon Safa
Adult 10 ml (2 teaspoonful) once a day with one glass of water at breakfast.
Children below 12 years may take 1 teaspoonful at breakfast.


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