Khurmee The Unani & Co. (350ml)

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May reduce weakness, provide strength, improve love-making power and semen production.
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About Unanico Khurmee:

Unanico Khurmee is a 100% natural aqueous extract of Fresh dates (Khajoor). It does not contain any added sugar or colour. It gives energy for the entire day if consumed in the morning with milk. It is extremely beneficial for kids and old people. Very beneficial for weak people. It makes the body strong and healthy. Unanico Khurmee is very rich in iron, copper, carbohydrates and Vitamins, thus making it an excellent tonic for regular consumption. It can help improve sexual health in men as it gives strength to the organs and promotes healthy semen production. For women, It may also help ease natural delivery. It is also a very healthy alternative to sugar in sweets and tea for diabetes patients.

Ingredient used in Unanico Khurmee:

Fresh Dates (Khajoor).

Benefits of Unanico Khurmee:

It might give you energy for the entire day

It is extremely beneficial for kids and old people

It might help improve love-making health in men and reduce weakness

It may help to provide strength to the organs and promote healthy semen production

How to use Unanico Khurmee:  Use as directed on the label.


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