Kushta Faulad Sone Chandi Wala Hamdard (1g)

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Strengthens the functioning of heart, brain, liver and helps in formation of blood corpuscles, assists in digestion of food.
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About Hamdard Kushta Faulad:
Hmadrad Kushta Fulad is an Unani medication which addresses the issue of Su-ul-Qinya (Anaemia), Bavaseer (Piles), Jiryan (Spermatorrhoea), Sailanurrehem (Leucorrhoea), Kasrat Bol (Polyuria). It is also beneficial in Amraz Barida Balghamia (Cold and Phlegmatic disease). Hamdard Kushta Faulad is used as Muqavvi Jiger (Liver tonic), Muqavvi Meda (Gastric tonic), Muqavvi Bah (Aphrodisiac), Muqavvi Badan (General Tonic). It is used in Zofe Jiger (Hepatosis), Zofe Meda (Weakness of Stomach).
Indications of Hamdard Kushta Faulad:
Liver dysfunction
weakness of stomach and lack of vitality
Ingredients of Hamdard Kushta Faulad:
Burada Faulad (Iron Powder)
Para (Mercury) 
Luab Gheekwar (Aloe vera mucilage) as needed Hartal Tabqi (Red Arsenic)  
Sheer Mudar (Calotropis procera latex)
Shingarf (Compound of Mercury and Sulphur)
Dosage of Hamdard Kushta Faulad: To be taken 125-250mg with suitable carrier.


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