Kushta Marjan Dehlvi (3g)

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Strengthen heart, brain. Improves memory, also removes headache, cough & cold.
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About Kushta Marjan: 
Kushta Marjan is useful in weakness of the heart, brain and liver. Increases the natural heat of the body. Removes general debility and is useful in palpitation and during convalescence. It gives the strength to muscles and nervous system.Strengthens the heart, liver and brain.Improves memory and also removes headaches, cough,cold and catarrh due to weakness of brain.Also useful in spermatorrhoea.
Indication of Kushta Marjan:
Weakness of the heart, 
Cerebral atony 
Liver dysfunction, 
Cough, cold and catarrh
Ingredients of Kushta Marjan: 
Kushta Marjan Jawahar
Bambusa arundinacea (Tabasheer) : Tabasheer  or Banslochan, also spelt as Tabachir or Tabashir, is a translucent white substance, composed mainly of silica and waterwith traces of lime and potash, obtained from the nodal joints of some species of bamboo.It is part of the pharmacology of the traditional Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine of the Indian subcontinent.It is also an ingredient in many traditional Chinese medicines. It is useful in bronchial asthma,diabetes,involuntary muscle movement,fever and bacterial infections.
Dosage of Kushta Marjan: To be Taken  60-250mg with suitable carrier.


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