Kushta Shangaraf Rex (5g)

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Addresses the issues related to general and sexual debility, indigestion and provides strength to nerves.
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About Rex Khusta Shangaraf:

Rex Khusta Shangraf is an Unani herbal medication which might provide strength to the male reproductive organ. Useful in general debility. It helps in lack of erection and anorexia. It strengthens the nerves. Rex Qurs Khusta Shangraf strengthens the nervous system and is useful in reproductive weakness and general debility, increases appetite improves digestion.

Indications of Rex Khusta Shangaraf:

Provides strength to Nervous system.

Good in general debility.

Improves digestion.

Good in productive cough and Bronchial asthma.

Ingredients of Rex Khusta Shangaraf:

Shangraf : Shingraf ( Cinnabar) occurs in nature as a fine grained, dark-red, very heavy mineral ore of mercury called Cinnabar in many parts of the world. This substance, except for slight impurities, which it may contain, has the same chemical composition as Makaradhwaj. In Ayurvedic practice, however, Shingraf and Makaradhwaj are claimed to possess entirely different properties. Not only is it considered different from Makaradwaj (the prepared red sulfide of mercury), but it is also believed to be different from the other sulfide of mercury like Kajjali and Krishnaparpati (both of which are black sulphides of mercury) and Rasa-sindhura (red sulfide of mercury).

Dosage of Rex Kushta Shagaraf: One Tablet to be taken early morning or at bed time along with milk. 


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