Laboob Kabir Khas D.t.c. (125g)

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Labub Kabir Khas is a unani product which might help in restoring energy and may improve vitality, physical strength and stamina in men.
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About Dawakhana Tibbiya Labub Kabir Khas:
Dawakhana Labub Kabir Khas is an Unani herbal drug formulation specially designed for male debilities. It is an effective Greek medicine used in the treatment of health problems in men. It might improve the general health and fitness of men. This medicine is made from pure herbs.
Indications of Dawakhana Tibbiya Laboob Kabir Khas:
Men's disorder - Labab Kabir Khas might be useful in the treatment like erectile dysfunction or early ejaculation. It might strengthen the vital organs and nerves in the body and may improve overall health, health and excitement of men, so that they can naturally overcome difficulties without the need of using any chemical-loading medicines. 
Ingredients of Dawakhana Tibbiya Labub Kabir Khas:
Warq Tila
Saad Kufi 
Gakhm Gazar. 
Dosage of  Dawakhana Tibbiya Labub Kabir Khas: To be given 6 grams in the morning on empty stomach with 250 ml milk or as directed by the Unani physician.


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