Lookman-E-Hayat Tel M.U. Amrelia (500ml)

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For Burns, Cuts, Injuries, Sprain, Pain, Swelling, Wounds.
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About Lookman-E-Hayat Tel:

LOOKMAN-E-HAYAT TEL is a pure ayurvedic medicinal oil which is spectacular for skin ailments and any form of injury.It is widely use for burns, cuts, injuries, sprain, pain, swelling wounds and massage.The active ingredient has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic activity, which promotes faster wound healing.It has been created after years of hard-work and initially was sold free of cost for the welfare of society.

Composition of Lookman e Hayat Tel:

Guggal  (Commiphora Mukul)

Til Oil (Sesamum Indicum)

Benefits of Lookman-E-Hayat Tel:


Lookman-e-hayat tel helps to stop bleeding immediately, when applied on cuts. If the cuts is bigger then apply Lookman-e-hayat tel and bandage the wound, the skin will join again.


When applied on any type of burn, Lookman-e-hayat tel soothes, relieves pain and help to remove the scar. If the burn is bigger then apply it after every two hours.


Massage Lookman-e hayat tel on the sprain, it cures faster.


If applied on wounds,it relives pain and heals faster.


In case of swelling it heals swiftly and permanently.


Lookman-e-hayat tel heals any type of external injuries. In case of internal injuries, it forces clotted blood to move again. Application of Lookman-e-hayat tel even cures mouth ulcer.


For any type of pain, such as hands, legs, knees, back etc. and for joint pain, Lookman-e-hayat tel can be massaged, it relives pain immediately.


Lookman-e-hayat tel heals boils and rashes quickly.

Skin Ailments

Lookman-e-hayat tel even cures the common ailments of the skin like scabies eczema ringwarm etc.

Ear Ache

Two drops of Lookmane-e- hayat tel will kill the pain.


Lookman-e-hayat tel can be used for massage after delivery for both mother and child massage new born babies with Lookman-e-hayat tel, it will make them active babies with Lookmane-e-hayat tel, it will make them active and healthy. It is indicated for the rickets and weakness of and healthy bones. It even cures circumssion (khatna) faster.


It can be applied on swollen gums to relieve pain.


Lookman-e-hayat tel can be used for healing the piles fissures.

Strain and Exertion

To get rid of physical strain due to traveling, daily exertion and sports, massage it all over the body and take hot water bath after half an hour.


Continuous application of Lookman-e-hayat tel in the case of fractures helps in fixing the fracture.


It can also be used in post operative cases.


If bitten by scorpion, crab or bee apply Lookman-e hayat tel for soothing. In case of snake bites and poisonous insects bites apply Lookman-e-hayat tel and consult the doctor immediately.


In paralysis massage full body with Lookman-e-hayat tel is also useful in many other ailments, it is difficult to give details.


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