Majun Anjeer New Shama (125g)

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Useful in chronic constipation, flatulence, fullness of abdomen.
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About Majun Anjeer:
This is a a Unani herbal drug formulation. Its name due to its chief ingredient anjeer. It is very beneficial stomach problems such as flatulence,gas formation,loss of appetite and long term constipation. 
Indications of Majun Anjeer:
It is helpful in removing chronic constipation.
Ingredients of Majun Anjeer:
Post Halela Zard / Terminalia chebula
Turbud Safaid / Operculina turpethum
scammonia / Convolvulus
Sana Makki / Cassia angustifolia
Gule Surkh / Rosa damascene
Anjeer Zard / Ficus carica
Maveez Munaqqa / Vitis vinifera
Qiwam Shakar / Saccharum officinarum
Preservative, Sodium Benzoate
Dosage of Majun Anjeer: 10 grams to be taken at bed time with water or milk


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