Majun Hajrul Yahud Hamdard (60g)

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Herbal formulation for the proper functioning of vital organs of the body like the kidney.
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About Hamdard Majun Hijrul Yahud:
Hamdard Majun Hijrul Yahud is a Unani, herbal medication which is particularly used in ailments of urinary tract. It breaks kidney and urinary bladder stone. It is beneficial in Amraz Ahleel (Urethral infection), Suzak (Gonorrhoea) and urinary Ahtebas Bol (Anuria).
Indications of Hamdard Majun Hijrul Yahud:
Urethral Infection 
Kidney stone
Urethral and Bladder stone
Ingredients of Hamdard Majun Hijrul Yahud:
Cucurbita maxima (Maghze Tukhme Kaddu) :  The seeds are diuretic, tonic and vermifug.The complete seed, together with the husk, is used as a vermifuge. This is ground into a fine flour, then made into an emulsion with water and eaten. It is then necessary to take a purgative afterwards in order to expel the tapeworms or other parasites from the body.As a remedy for internal parasites, the seeds are less potent than the root of Dryopteris felix-mas, but they are safer for pregnant women, debilitated patients and children.The oil from the seed is used as a nerve tonic Great healing qualities for skin problems such as sores and ulcers are attributed to pumpkin seed oil in N. America.The flowers are used topically to soothe minor injuries.The fruit pulp is used as a soothing poultice on burns, inflammations and boils.A paste made from the fruit stalks is used to heal boils and earache.
Cucumis sativus (Maghze Tukhme Khayarain) :  The leaf juice is emetic, it is used to treat dyspepsia in children. The fruit is depurative, diuretic, emollient, purgative and re-solvent. The fresh fruit is used internally in the treatment of blemished skin, heat rash etc, whilst it is used externally as a poultice for burns, sores etc and also as a cosmetic for softening the skin. The seed is cooling, diuretic and tonic. A decoction of the root is diuretic 
Cucumis melo (Maghze Kharbuza)
Physalis alkekengi (Habbe Kaknaj)
Fossil Encrite (Hajrul Yahud)
Mel (Shahed)
Dosage of Hamdard Majun Hijrul Yahud: To be given 5 gram or 1/2 teaspoon twice a day with water.


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