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Majun Mochras New Shama (125g)

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Strengthens uterus & useful for whitish or yellowish discharge from vagina.
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About Majun Mochras:
This is a Unani classical medicine. It strengthens the uterus and is useful in leucorrhoea. of Majun MochrasAll women during their reproductive years experience Leukorrhea. This is nothing but a thick and sticky discharge released from the vagina. Other signs and symptoms that usually do not occur along with this particular medical complication are an itching or burning sensation, skin irritation or redness of the tissues. It is a must that you visit your healthcare professional as it is only he/she that will be able to let you know whether or not you are suffering from Leucorrhea. A few reasons that prompt this vaginal discharge to differ from woman to woman are infections, hormonal changes and malignancy.
Indications of Majun Mochras:
 Weakness of the uterus and leucorrhoea.
Ingredients of Majun Mochras:
Mazoo Sabz
Gule Surkh
Habbul Aas
Gule Makhtum
Moosli Siyah
Moosli Safaid
Post Anar
Aabe Behi
Aabe Anar Tursh
Nabat Safaid
Dosage of Majun Mochras: 10 Grams to be taken in the morning along with 250 ml of milk.


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