Majun Pumbadana Hamdard (125g)

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May help in strengthening Kidneys, Bladder, Nervous system.
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About Majun Pambadana:
This is a Unani herbal drug medicine. It can be used for male sexual disorders and sexual debility. Its name due to its chief ingredient Pambadana ( Cotton Seeds).
Indications of Majun Pambadana:
Sexual weakness 
It can be used as a sexual stimulant and may increase sperm count.
Ingredients of Majun Pambadana:
 Zanjabeel, Filfil Siyah, Peepal Kalan, Darchini, Amla, Balela, Sheetraj Hindi, Zarawand Madahraj, Khusiatus Salab, Maghz Chilgoza, Bekh Baboona, Maghz Narjel, Tukhme Baboona, Marveez Munaqqa, Shahad 
Dosage of Majun Pambadana: To be given 5 grams twice in a day with milk or water.


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