Majun Salab Hamdard (150g)

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Majun Salab is an unani medication which might be beneficial in spermatogenesis, early ejaculation and stamina in men.
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About Majun Salab:
Majun Salab is a compound Unani medicine. This medicine is for males and might help in spermatorrhoea, PE and seminal dilution. It might improve many aspects of penis health. It might improve blood flow to the penile erectile chambers which leads to combat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It may improve density, quality and consistency, count and motility of semen. Majun Salab contains Kharateen musaffa ( Earth worm), mussaffa means  Detoxification/Purification).
Indications of Majun Salab:
It might be useful in the following:-
Weak erections.
Debility in men.
Might be helpful in restoring energy and stamina.
Might be helpful in low sperm count.
Defective quality of spermatozoa.
Ingredients of Majun Salab:
Peepal Kalan Piper longum Linn :  Pippali is known as Pippali, Pipal, Long Pepper and Dried Catkins. It is fruits of a plant Piper longum. It is pungent (Katu) in taste, hot in potency and sweet (Madhur Vipak) after digestion. The main organs on which it works are digestive, reproductive and respiratory. It has analgesic, anthelmintic, aphrodisiac, carminative and expectorant properties and is used in treatment of digestive and respiratory ailments such as gas, bloating, distension, digestive weakness, excess phlegm, asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and laryngitis. It is also used in rheumatic pain, gout, paralysis etc. as it reduces Vata inside body, gives relief in pain and digests Ama (toxic waste produced in body to incomplete digestion) 
Tukhm Hanzal Bitter Apple Seeds 
Tukhm Gazar Carrot Seeds 
Tukhm Katai 
Til Safaid Muqashshar 
Salab Misri Orchis mascula Linn., Root tuber 
Kharateen Musaffa 
Shaqaqul Misri (Neem Kofta) Pastinaca secacul L., Rhizome30 gram
Mahi Rubiyan 
Maghz Pambadana (Maghz Binola) Gosypium herbaceum 
Maghz Akhrot 
Maghz sar Kunjashk (Chiron ka Maghz) 
Qiwam Shakar Sugar syrup 
Warq Nuqra Silver leaf
Dosage of Majun Salab: To be taken 5 gram or 1/2 teaspoon twice in a with 250 ml milk.


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