Majun Sang Saremahi New Shama (125g)

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Excretes the renal & bladder calculi through micturition.
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About Majun Sang Sarmahi:
This is a compound Unani medicine.It is used for evacuates the renal and bladder calculi through urine by breaking it into small particles.Its name due the stone which is collected from a fish. Useful in kidney stone and stone in the bladder. It breaks the stone and passes it through the urinary tract. It also clears the excretion of certain substances formed due to metabolic disorder that encourages kidney stone formation.
Indications of Majun Sang Sarmahi:
Renal stone
Ureter stone
Urinary Bladder
Ingredients of Majun Sang Sarmahi:
Alu Balu
Tukhm Soya
Tukhm Hanzal
Tukhm Kataili
Doqu, Kulthi
Gokhru Khurd
Maghz Akhrot
Maghz Kharbuza
Maghz Tukhm Khayarain,
Maghz Kadu
Hajrul Yahood Saeeda
Sang Sarmahi Saeeda
Qiwam Shakar Safaid
Dosage of Majun Sang Sarmahi: 10 gram to be taken early in the morning along with Sharbat Bazoori 25 ml.


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