Majun Zabeeb New Shama (125g)

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Majun Zabeeb is a natural unani product which might be useful in convulsions & also relieves constipation.
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About Majun Zabeeb:
Majun Zabeeb is an unani product which might be helpful in conditions like convulsions & tremors.  Majun Zabeeb fortifies and normalises brain activity. It nourishes the neural system and may help with epilepsy. According to Unani literature, it is intended to eliminate the viscous phlegmatic fluid from the brain that causes epilepsy.
Ingredient used in Majun Zabeeb:
Maweez Munaqqa
Halela Kabuli
Halela Zard
Benefits of Majun Zabeeb:
Helps strengthen the brain and the nervous system
May provide relief from epilepsy
Helpful for those suffering from problems with the nervous system
Dosage of Majun Zabeeb:
Take 5 grams twice a day with water, or take it as directed by the physician.


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