Mamta Ghutti New Shama (60ml)

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Herbal formulation for the proper functioning of vital organ system of the body like the digestive system.
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About New Shama Mamta Ghutti:
In the early stages of their lives, infants put everything in their mouth, they are not aware about the possible contamination. Due to this mostly, infants suffer from different types of gastric problems and loss of appetite. To eradicate these problems New Shama Lab has prepared an unique Unani herbal formulation named New Shama Mamta Ghutti.
Indications of New Shama Mamta Ghutti:
Beneficial in diarrhea,flatulence,vomiting and indigestion during teething of babies
Ingredients of Mamta Ghutti:
Amaltas Cassia FistulaFrt
Ajwain Ptychotis AjowainSds.
Har Khurd Terminalia belericaFrt
Bahera Terminalia belericaFrt
Amla Embelica officinalisFrt.
Zeera Cuminum cyminumSds
MulaithiGlycirrhiza glabraRt.
Bao Badang Embelia ribesSds.
Saunf Feoniculum vulgareSds. and others
Dosage of New Shama Mamta Ghutti
10 drops to be administered until 6 months in children.
15 drops to be administered until 12 months in children.
20 drops to be administered until 24 months in children.
20 drops or 1 teaspoon to be administered until 3 years in children.


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