Marham Dakhilyun Hamdard (50g)

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Good for uterus swelling, hardening of uterus & glandular nodes.
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About Marham Dakhilyun:
Marham Dakhilyun is a Unani herbal drugs combination.It is useful in female gynecological disorders.It is used for uterine swelling and weakness of uterus.It is also useful in glandular node swelling.
Indications of Marham Dakhilyun:
It is useful for removing uterus swelling,hardening of uterus and dissolves the glandular nodes. 
Ingredients of Marham Dakhliyun:
Ispghol Musallam, (Plantago ovate) 
Alsi, (Linum usitatissimum) 
Tukhm Khatmi, (Althaea officinalis) 
Tukhm Kanocha, (Phyllanthus maderaspatensis)
Tukhm Methi, (Trigonella foenum graecum)
Murdar Sang
Roghan Arandi, (Oleum ricinus communis)
Roghan Kunjad, (Oleum Sesamum indicum)
Dosage of Marham Dakhliyun: Apply after mixing 5 grams of this ointment with 5 ml of green Makoy’s Arq with cotton swab in the vagina. If green Makoh is not available then, use the ointment as such. 


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