Master Mind Syrup Cure Herbal (500ml)

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useful for proper functioning of brain cells, tiredness and fatigue enhancing memory.
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About  Master Mind Syrup:
 Cure Herbal Master Mind Syrup is unani herbal formulation used for proper functioning of brain and nervous system and also to reduce the mental is also helpful to maintain the muscles while reducing the strain and the weakness in them. it is also used to enhances the coordination between the 
Indication of  Master Mind Syrup:
 - fever- chills and rigor- common cold- influenza- sweating and delirium- Hepato-splenomegaly 
Ingredients of  Master Mind Syrup:
 Brahmi (Centella Asiatica)- Amla (Embilica officinalis)- Ginger (Zingiber officinale)- Ood saleeb (paenia officinalis)- Zafran (crocus sativus Linn.)- Daar chini (Cinnamomum zeylanicumBlume)- anab (Vitis vinifera)- shehad (honey0 
Dosage of  Master Mind Syrup:
 Adult: 10 To 15 Ml two Times In A Day Children :5 ml Two times in a day or as directed by physician.  


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