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Melas Cream Eli (10g)

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Special Remark: Affective in improving complexion making skin smoother and more gorgeous looking.

How to use: 

Take a coin size amount of cream and evenly spread around your face & massage well till completely absorbed.

OrTake the cream in dots over the face & massage well till completely absorbed.

Use once in the night / bed time.

* Do not go out in sun while the product is applied.

** When using for the first time or initially use /apply cream only for 1- 3 hours in the night time and wash completely with normal water.

*** Our cream has some extracts & ingredients which can get oxidised in sun thus It is Requested to use the Cream in the Night / Bed time

Key Ingredients: Dermo expertise product to cover Dark, Dull skin, Scars, Spots, Marks, Dark circles. Any type of Dark Spots and Marks on the face. Darkening of skin due to sun / Tanning.



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