Mufarreh Yaqooti Motadil Hamdard (30g)

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Improves digestion, memory, concentration & regulates menstrual cycle.
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About Hamdard Mufarreh Yaqooti Motadil:
Mufarreh Yaqooti Motadil is an Unani herbal tonic which removes general debility, strengthens heart, brain and liver, normalizes palpitation and feeling uneasiness. It assists in maintaining the overall health.
Indications of Hamdard Mufarreh Yaqooti Motadil:
Very useful for remove general debility 
Strengthens heart, brain, liver 
Normalizing palpitation. 
Ingredients of Hamdard Mufarreh Yaqooti Motadil: Natural Ingredients.
Dosage of Hamdard Mufarreh Yaqooti Motadil:
 5gm taken in the morning either raw or with 250ml milk. 
Or As prescribed by the Unani doctor.  


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