Mulazziz Ajib Hamdard (10g)

SKU: Mulaziz Ajib Mulajiz Ajib
Improves sperm count and increases stamina of men.
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About Hamdard Mulazziz Ajib:
This is a Unani herbal drug medicine. it is very unique combinations of herbal drug which provides  both the partners extra sexual pleasure during intercourse and removes fatigue after the intercourse.
Indications of Hamdard Mulazziz Ajib:
Fatigue after intercourse
Sexual Debility
Ingredients of Hamdard Mulazziz Ajib
It is made up with natural ingredients.
Dosage of Hamdard Mulazziz Ajib:
Mulazziz Ajib to be rubbed 1 gm after mixing with chameli oil 2ml for 15 minute on male organ before going to bed. Or As prescribed by the Unani physician.


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