Mumsik Benazir Hamdard (15g)

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Useful in general debility, premature ejaculation & weakness of nerves.
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About Mumsik Benazir: This is Unani herbal preparation. It is used for male sexual problems. It is very beneficial in premature ejaculation and stress induced erectile dysfunction.
Indications of Mumsik Benazir:
Prolongs Mating periods
Premature Ejaculation
Improve sexual pressure 
Ingredients of Mumsik Benazir:
Kharateen Musaffa
Maghz Badam Shrin
Warul Khayl
Majun Jalali
Rogan Dhatura
Dosage of Mumsik Benazir: To be taken 1 gram Mumsik Benazir with milk and keep the gap from food at least 3 hours before taking Mumsik Benazir. It is recommended to walk 15 minutes after taking Mumsik Benazir.


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