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May help in restoring energy & improving vitality, physical strength & stamina in men.
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About Sadar Dawakhana Night on Gold:
Sadar Dawakhana Night on Gold is extremely beneficial safe and unparalleled in E.d and P.E . It is extremely beneficial for those people who complain of improper and incomplete erection or complain of premature ejaculation, due to which erection is lost. Night on Gold provides good erection in the sex organ and also helpful in  feeling of weakness and lethargy after coitus.
Indications of Sadar Dawakhana Night on Gold:
Increase the blood supply to groin region for better erection.
Erectile dysfunction.
Good in premature ejaculation.
Helpful in lethargy after coitus.
Ingredients of Sadar Dawakhana Night On Gold:
Jaiphal: Nutmeg is very important in Ayurveda and Unani medicine of system. Nutmeg also helps to remove your stomach and skin related problems.It is beneficial in acne and also beneficial in wrinkle. 
Javetri : It is useful in osteoarthritis and also very good appetizer.
Darchini : It is helpful to reduce inflammation and  Boosts brain function .
Zafran : Saffron Heals wounds,improve digestion and boost brain health.
Long : It is having anti bacterial quality and also improves skeletal health.
Amber :  It is helpful to improve defensive mechanism of human body.
Mastagi Romi : It is very good for oral health,indigestion and liver health.
Zanjbeel : It is having anti inflammatory properties also increases food absorption.
Khas Khas : Beneficial in renal stone,helpful in sleep disorder and also helpful in respiratory problems.
Aqarqarah : It gives strength to nerve and improve body movement.
Shilajeet : It is good antioxidant and improve body function.
Golden leaf
Dosage of Sadar Dawakhana Night On Gold: To be taken 1 tablet one hour before coitus with lukewarm milk.


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