Niswani D.t.c. (500ml)

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Tibbiya Niswani is Good for Menstrual Troubles & Swelling of the Uterus.
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About Dawakhana Tibbiya Niswani

Dawakhana Tibbia Niswani Syrup is an Unani medicated formulation which fulfills the long felt desire of the women folk and has been prepared to combat these factors of disorder, pain and troubles. At the very outset Niswani Unani syrup renovates the functional power of the womb by stopping pain, reducing inflammation, forcing out the impurities and waste matter from the vaginal cavity. Tibbiya Niswani, not only helps in menstrual disorders and allied ailment, but it also checks the abortive tendency and controls frequency of pregnancy as well. 

Indications of Dawakhana Tibbiya Niswani Medicine

·        Frequent Abortion 

·        Menstrual disorders like Dysmenorrhea and Metrorrhagia

·        It is also gives strength to uterus.

·        Abnormal discharge from vagina.

Dosage of Dawakhana Tibiya Niswani

·        To be taken 20 ml once in the morning with water.



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